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undermutter mutterances

Ahhh the weekend... OF DOOM! Actually that is next weekend. This is the weekend of pre-DOOM, so that I can thoroughly fuck myself over for the true weekend of DOOM and then curse myself for creating a weekend of DOOM for myself.

In a while I'm going to go watch TV in the lounge and come up with some detailed ideas for my anthropology paper. This means that I am going to go watch TV in the lounge with my notebook sitting uselessly on my lap.

Lately I've been living off sushi and Happy Planets, which are the most expensive items in the caf. Unfortunately they don't go together well - but as the old saying goes...
"You gotta do stuff you don't like to spend the money that you have left on your mealcard so that it doesn't go to waste even though you are needlessly wasting it anyway."

That one's a classic.
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