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Oh god please no...

Dear lips,

I beg of you: BE STRONG! Do not put me through a repeat of last year's gruelling housebound thirteen days. I live in a dormitory, are you not aware? If I come out of my room with infected lips that are even HALF as bad as last year people will faint, or turn to stone or wood, or something of that nature.

I do not know what I do to deserve this. I treat you well! I balm you regularly, don't I? I found you quite a nice set of lips to have relations with! If this is about the picking, well I'm sorry. What do you want me to do? It's a habit that is hard to kick, but if you promise not to become infected again I swear IT'S OVER BETWEEN ME AND THE PICKING! SHE MEANS NOTHING TO ME!

Please give these words some thought, and I will be keeping an eye on you to see if they've had any effect.

The rest of me.
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